Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The bathroom is a good size. My kitchen island is not done and hopefully will be completed in about 3 months. You can also see the long hall - off the hall to the right is - the laundry room with storage under the staircase. The next door to the right is a storage/pantry that's a good size. The last door on the right leads into the master bedroom. Across from the master to the left is Hal's office with a large closet. The next door coming toward the kitchen is the bathroom and the last door is the guest/Jason's room. Now when family comes to visit they will see that there is plenty of room. We still can open up to gatherings with Jeff & Jen upstairs.

This is our little place now. Cozy, easy to clean, and just the right size for Hal and I - and we have a guest/Jay's room for company. Don't know what Jay's going to do or if he will just move on in his life when he gets done with all his training. There's still other things that need to be painted, organized or just finished, but one thing at a time. Right now the outside also needs to be finished. We do have the garden and fruit trees in though.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The beautiful Nauvoo temple at dusk and at night was a wonderful experience. It would have been even better if we had done a session, however we had so little time that we just soaked in our surroundings. Even the statues of Hyrum and Joseph took on a special meaning for us and visiters. We also had an opportunity to see a play put on by the missionary couples in Nauvoo. It was a warm inviting thing to see.
Yes, we do want to go back in the spring or fall. Maybe someday!

This was another very moving experience. To actually walk up those steps and into those two rooms, feeling the spirit and knowing what happened leaves you without words. Especially standing in the room where Joseph, and the others were ~ seeing the window where Joseph fell after being shot and seeing the bullet hole where the fatal shot hit Joseph. The experience truly humbled us!

Here we are on our wagon ride ~ beyond freezing!
I think it was Brigham Young who had a fireplace in every room of his house because he said he never wanted to be cold again!
They lived there only a couple months when they left for the Salt Lake valley - during the winter.

This is the window from the social hall. Devin is pondering the days & times I'm sure.

Dancing on the floor where Joseph & Emma danced. On this floor in Nauvoo they layed out the map of Salt Lake.
I was very, very cold and snowing while we were there. Before coming to Nauvoo I prayed that I would feel what the saints felt and understand a small part of what they had to go through. It was 6 degrees while we went on our wagon ride. It was so cold that I felt I would freeze to death. After just a few minues ride we all wanted to go back to the visitors center to get warm. No one could stand it even with blankets, coats, hats, gloves, and thermal underware. Now when I think of those saints and what they went through, I weep with understanding. I'm am so grateful for that little window of understanding. I will NEVER forget!!!!